Rene Magritte

Conclusion/Magritte's Affect on Art and Culture

"L'empire des lumières," by René Magritte, is an oil on canvas, 39 3/8 by 31 1/2 inches that was executed in 1952 and commissioned by Dominique and Jean de Menil of New York. The de Menils donated the second completed version of this work to the Museum of Modern Art in New York and two years later commissioned the artist to paint the present work, which is the fourth completed version of this subject. It had an estimate of $5,000,000 to $7,000,000 and sold for $12,659,500, a world auction record for Magritte and a very impressive price for a painting of which there are three other copies. While it is a famous image, it is not one of the artist's finest paintings." (

     In conclusion, whatever art critics may say about Magritte's work being too popular or overused for commercial purposes this painting above, which was not even considered one of his finest, was auctioned off for $12,659,500.  Thus cementing the importance of surrealism in our art and culture that surrounds us everyday.  His shocking compositions and perverse realities are still recognized today by people of all ages.