Rene Magritte

What Was Happening in The Art World  - THE DADA MOVEMENT

Giorgio de Chirico. Hector and Andromache. 1917. Oil on canvas. Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome,

"Twentieth Century Modern Art: Magritte’s style built on Dada Movement that protested the madness of WWI. Artists could no longer trust reason or and the establishment…the point was to denounce and shock, awaken the imagination “win back the promised land of the Creative.” Jean Arp – founder of Dada (AML p.148)

"Arp also suggested that his work was to teach man what he had forgotten: to dream with his eyes open.” (AMLp. 148)

The Dada movement contained the building blocks for Surrealism, which Magritte was a part of.